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ZayaAI announce collaboration with Heather D. Couture, PhD, from Pixel Scientia Labs

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February 10, 2023 – ZayaAI announce collaboration with Heather D. Couture, PhD, from Pixel Scientia Labs, to guide R&D projects on the best path to develop robust and generalizable AI models for cancer detection, enabling ZayaAI to take new products to market sooner.

ZayaAI, a health-tech startup providing deep learning AI software for cancer diagnosis and image analysis in pathology, announced today that they will collaborate with Heather Couture, a consultant, computer scientist and researcher, to help ZayaAI to develop new AI models in pathology diagnostics, to detect tumours in whole slide images and develop AI models for prognostic and predictive pathology to predict patient recurrence or survival and infer molecular biomarkers and treatment response.

Pathology is the cornerstone of healthcare. It establishes diagnosis and prognosis for individual patients, and, on a larger scale, it is involved in translational research, which in turn transfers scientific discoveries to the clinic, also being ultimately beneficial to the patients. Unfortunately, the classical manual methods that have been used for the last 150 years to carry out tissue slide evaluation and pathology diagnostics are time consuming and prone to errors due to human fatigue. ZayaAI’s deep learning AI software transforms image-based analysis by escalating efficiency and precision beyond current capabilities.

“We are very excited to embark on this collaboration with Heather, and Pixel Scientia Labs to help us overcome the obstacles of a long R&D process in developing a robust AI model for cancer detection in pathology. With Heather’s help, we will reduce time and effort in our development cycle, enabling us to take ZayaAI products to market sooner. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for ZayaAI R&D team, in our ability to develop robust and generalizable AI models for cancer detection in pathology images.” explains Cristian Mogodici, CEO of Zaya AI.

“I’m looking forward to working with ZayaAI as they build new modelling capabilities for cancer diagnostics. Machine learning development is complex and iterative. The best way to reduce that is through understanding the data and the latest research. We’ll be focusing on those two items as we work to build this important new tool for detecting tumors.” Explains Heather D. Couture, PhD, Pixel Scientia Labs

About ZayaAI

ZayaAI equips pathologists and researchers in clinical labs with powerful deep-learning artificial intelligence software for translating images into discoveries, decisions, and diagnoses. The cloud-based ZayaAI products and services aim to improve the efficiency and precision of pathology diagnosis and pathology image analysis beyond current capabilities, across a variety of fields from oncology to dermato-pathology and more.

About Heather D. Couture, PhD, Pixel Scientia Labs
Heather is a Machine Learning Consultant and Founder of Pixel Scientia Labs. She has two decades of experience in computer vision and machine learning, half of those with applications to pathology. Heather works with pathology startups to reduce the trial-and-error of machine learning development. She makes use of the latest research to amplify their results and support their in-house team for the long term. She also publishes the Pathology ML Insights Newsletter and hosts the Impact AI Podcast.

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