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ZayaAI and Extra Horizon announce collaboration to bring Zaya Ai Dx platform faster to market stage

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October 27, 2022

ZayaAI will use the Extra Horizon Medical Backend-as-a-Service platform to reach the Ready2Market stage faster while complying with the regulatory standards for Software as a Medical Device.

ZayaAI, a technology company providing deep learning AI software for diagnosis and image analysis in pathology, announced today that they will collaborate with Extra Horizon, a leading Medical Backend-as-a-Service platform provider, to help ZayaAI Telepathology and AI Pathology Diagnostics platform reach the Ready2Market stage rapidly, and successfully.

Pathology is the cornerstone of healthcare. It establishes diagnosis and prognosis for individual patients and, on a larger scale, it is involved in translational research, which in turn transfers scientific discoveries to the clinic, also being ultimately beneficial to the patients. Unfortunately, the classical manual methods that have been used for the last 150 years to carry out tissue slide evaluation and pathology diagnostics are time consuming and prone to errors due to human fatigue. ZayaAI’s deep learning AI software transforms image-based analysis by escalating efficiency and precision beyond current capabilities.

“We are very excited to embark on this collaboration with Extra Horizon, working with their regulatory-compliant Medical Backend-as-a-Service platform. By using the Extra Horizon platform, we will reduce time, effort, and costs to achieve our most important milestone, which is reaching the market stage over the next 12 months. This collaboration represents a significant milestone for ZayaAI, in our ability to comply with GDPR/HIPAA, NIS 2 Directive, and IVDR standards as well as receive the CE (IVD) marking for our AI models.” explains Cristian Mogodici, CEO of Zaya AI.

“At Extra Horizon, we are excited to see pioneers in the digital pathology market such as ZayaAI to partner up with us. By doing so, we aim to take away a lot of the infrastructure burden that comes with bringing a digital product to the market, so ultimately the ZayaAI team can focus exclusively on the medical challenges at hand.” explains Hans De Leenheer, CEO of Extra Horizon.

About ZayaAI
ZayaAI equips pathologists and researchers in clinical labs with powerful deep-learning artificial intelligence software for translating images into discoveries, decisions, and diagnoses. The cloud-based ZayaAI products and services aim to improve the efficiency and precision of pathology diagnosis and pathology image analysis beyond current capabilities, across a variety of fields from oncology to dermato-pathology and more.

About Extra Horizon
Extra Horizon is a medical technology (MedTech) company dedicated to pushing medical innovations forward with its ground-breaking Medical Backend-as-a-Service platform. The time and effort it takes for new innovators to get their idea into the hands of the patients are just overly complex.

Extra Horizon helps healthcare startups, scale-ups & larger medical device companies, and pharmaceutical & diagnostic device companies to bring their diverse range of digital-powered solutions faster to market to ultimately make a lasting impact on patients’ lives.

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