Our team

Zaya aim to be the world’s leading provider of AI-powered technology for the histopathology


  • Carolina Alarco
    Carolina Alarco Founder and Principal at Bio Strategy Advisors, she is a dynamic and seasoned biotech executive with more than 25 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry in Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Catalina Klumpner
    Catalina Klumpner CEO Medist Life Science - Leica distributor in Romania
  • Martin Lammens
    Martin Lammens MD, PhD, Senior pathologist and neuropathologist, Professor emeritus of pathology at Antwerp University
  • Aleodor Andea
    Aleodor Andea Professor of Pathology and Dermatology at University of Michigan Health System at Michigan Medicine, Ann Arbor, US


  • Sabina Zurac
    Sabina Zurac MD, PhD
  • Cristian Mogodici
    Cristian Mogodici CEO


  • Cristiana Popp
    Cristiana Popp MD, PhD
  • Mirela Cioplea
    Mirela Cioplea MD
  • Luciana Nichita
    Luciana Nichita MD, PhD
  • Alexandra Cioroianu
    Alexandra Cioroianu MD
  • Liana Sticlaru
    Liana Sticlaru MD
  • Mihai Bușcă
    Mihai Bușcă MD
  • Petronel Mustățea
    Petronel Mustățea PhD Medical Science General Surgeon Cantacuzino Hospital
  • Andrei Voicu
    Andrei Voicu Machine Learning Engineer
  • Bogdan Ceachi
    Bogdan Ceachi Machine Learning Engineer
  • Julian Dcruz
    Julian Dcruz Machine Learning Engineer
  • Laurentiu Motoonu
    Laurentiu Motoonu Full Stack Developer
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