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ZayaAI is a ground-breaking ecosystem that aims to combat cancers by leveraging the latest AI technologies and medical screening procedures to provide early detection, prevention, and treatment.

ZAYA Pathology Lab

Zaya Pathology Lab enables easy remote access, second opinion diagnosis and collaboration, regardless of where participants are. Pathologists or researchers can access images from anywhere and at any time, helping to improve diagnosis quality and patient outcomes.

ZAYA Medical Clinic

Zaya Medical Clinic is proud to offer a comprehensive subscription scheme designed to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Zaya Medical Centre franchising possibilities will also become available at a latter stage of the project.

ZAYA Blockchain

The $ZAYA utility token is the central element to the ZayaAI ecosystem, built on the MultiversX blockchain. It serves multiple purposes, including rewards, payments, staking, while not neglecting participation in pathology research projects. The token's functionalities can be adapted or extended based on the ecosystem's evolution.