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Vision & Mission

Cancer through AI

We develop specialised pathology deep learning AI tools that escalate the efficiency and precision of pathology diagnosis beyond current capabilities

Core Values


ZayaAI are developing specialised pathology, deep learning AI tools, that escalate the efficiency and precision of pathology diagnosis beyond current capabilities.



Zaya’s mission is to scale our unique system to prevent and fight cancer with early screening medical procedures and AI models, all of which should be designed to predict and diagnose.

Core Values

The ZayaAI team prioritizes the involvement and expectation of all stakeholders within our unique ecosystem. The complexity of or work, coupled with the innovative solution that we provide will never hamper our growth or vision.


Enhanced collaboration and remote consultative digital pathology, facilitates seamless collaboration between pathologists, medical professionals, and researchers worldwide.


The field of pathology has long relied on manual processes and traditional microscopy to diagnose and analyze tissue samples. However, with the rapid advancements in technology and the increasing complexity of diseases, the necessity for more efficient and accurate diagnostic methods has become imperative. ZayaAI groundbreaking platform leverages AI  to revolutionize the pathology landscape.


ZayaAI is a ground-breaking ecosystem that aims to combat cancers by leveraging the latest AI technologies and medical screening procedures to provide early detection, prevention, and treatment.

Who we are

An AI-focused technology Company with comprehensive pathology diagnosis solutions

We develop robust, versatile pathology diagnosis solutions with our deep computational and medical expertise

We leverage data from million annotations provided by our proprietary and crowd-sourced pathology network, and a vast library of archived data to rigorously train and validate our AI-based models.

This allows us to deliver quality and transformative tools for pathologists that can help speed up pathology diagnostic time, improve confidence in the accuracy of diagnosis, and get life-saving therapies to patients more quickly.

We aim to

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